Nagoya: Hiring workers for service in stores

Full-time Position Type
¥1,350Hourly Rate

ID: 6010 Last update: 2020-01-02


Customer service & office services in smartphones stores.

– Salary: ¥ 1,350 / h (¥ 1,200 during the first 3 months) .

– Great work environment.

– Day shift: 10am to 7pm. Overtime available.

– Apartments available, see details.

Relocation assistance.

– Gasoline assistance, according to company rules.

– Necessary advanced level in the Japanese language.

HSS is a company that seeks employees for activities in stores . Make an appointment now!

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Prefecture in Japan Aichi
City/Region Nagoya
Contact phone 1 08036825157 Itou
Name of contact 1 Itou
Contact phone 2 0120-750-702 Free dial
Name of contact 2 Free dial
Contact e-mail
Overtime Média de 30 horas mensais
Work Shift Diurno
Applicant Requirements
- Assiduity
- Own driving
- Japanese language fluent
Benefits offered by the company
- Relocation assistance
- Apartment Available
- Employee assistance
- Gasoline allowance
- Unemployment insurance
- Social Security (Shakai Hoken)

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Address 〒422-8005 Shizuoka-ken Shizuoka-shi Suruga-ku Ikeda 1800-1
Telephone 0120-750-702

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